Meet Amanda

Certified Havening Techniques® 
Certified Yoga instructor (500 hours)

I feel blessed to have been on my own journey of personal growth and transformation. More than 10 years on, I can offer you guidance in empowering holistic practices to enhance your sense of wellbeing and enjoyment of life.


Foundational to my knowledge and experience are Classical Yogic practices, Havening Techniques and Alchemy principles for living a whole-hearted life. The practices and premises are complimentary and have the power to transform how we connect inwardly with ourselves, which transforms how well we experience the world around us. 


Havening Techniques offer highly effective methods that create a safe space from which to facilitate our own innate healing wisdom to blossom. I am a practicing Yogi  |  trained Yoga instructor. With a knowledge of asanas (yoga postures), breath, meditation that bring forth our intuitive wisdom. Currently in the process of registering with the International Yoga Alliance. I'm in training in Alchemy principles with William Whitecloud's, Secrets of Natural Success and Create Your Destiny for profoundly simple intuition-led results.

Each of these disciplines are personally empowering. Almost anyone can learn them. Once we are in tune with the timeless personal wisdom within. And with application to our life, we can experience the transformational effects of these time honoured, eternal practices. Why aim to experience personal transformation? Because in our true nature, we effortlessly rediscover our innate sense of joy, abundance and find our purpose. The true wisdom for our own transformation - is within each one of us.


If you'd like to experience living in your true nature, from your intuition. I can share timeless techniques that help support you in this very special, and precious personal journey back to yourself.

much warmth



Client Havening Testimonials

"I’ve had several sessions with Amanda

and they have been incredible,

I felt held, safe and loved.


Was able to process some really difficult

memories and embed some more

positive ones instead.


Life changing and freeing!"

— Katherine. Trained psychologist and Coach.

Why Havening Techniques®?

Havening creates space for a safe place within ..

Remove Blocks

Negative experiences can build up like layers. 


Sessions give us freedom 

from bothering emotions, 

linked to impactful memories.

Safe Haven

Soothing touch with

powerful techniques, create a sense of safe haven. 


Together we neutralise 

negative layers to create, or leave space, for positive ones.


Neutralising distress neuro-chemically, our innate self-healing begins to work for us.


Each session we are supported to re-process negative 

memories safely.

"The best I can be"

A psycho-sensory therapy that is rapid and highly effective for tangible and lasting shifts from few sessions.

Take-Home Self-Practice techniques that are empowering.

Freedom from..

Emotional distress.




Some cases of chronic pain.

Grow your..






Sense of wellbeing.

"Chronic anxiety seems to undergird this pandemic, but an emerging technique does wonders!"

"..Havening – a psychosensory technique that stimulates the delta waves in the brain to rewire and heal"

Karla Hardin, MS LPC. Aug 30, 2020


Being well can begin here..


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10 Manurere Ave, North Shore, Auckland 0622  |  Also Home visits in Raglan, Waikato.  New Zealand