Meet Amanda

Havening Techniques® Certified Practitioner

Because I care, once I experienced a single Havening Techniques session, I had to train as a Havening facilitator. That was 2 years ago..


I am now able to guide you through an experience that creates space for our own self-healing wisdom. A beautiful and respectful therapeutic process that seemingly works like magic. 


After 10 years of my own personal journey of learnings and growth. I discovered the astonishing and lasting shifts from Havening. Releasing layers of encoded experiences not serving us, that cloud our true nature.. gives us freedom to be the best we can be.

There is studied and highly effective neuroscience behind the techniques that work with specific soothing touch.


The experience is safe, gentle, deep, moving - transformative. The results are: building up of our positive resources and resilience.


If you'd like to find peace from distressing emotions, anxiety, phobias, depressed feelings or chronic pain. I really look forward to connecting 

and sharing Havening with you. 

with warmth



Client Testimonials

"I’ve had several sessions with Amanda

and they have been incredible,

I felt held, safe and loved.


Was able to process some really difficult

memories and embed some more

positive ones instead.


Life changing and freeing!"

— Katherine. Trained psychologist and Coach.

Why Havening?

Havening puts us in a safe place..

Remove Blocks

Negative experiences can build up like layers. 


Sessions give us freedom 

from bothering emotions, 

linked to impactful memories.

Safe Haven

Soothing touch with

powerful techniques, create a sense of safe haven. 


Together we neutralise 

negative layers to create, or leave space, for positive ones.


Neutralising distress neuro-chemically, our innate self-healing begins to work for us.


Each session we are supported to re-process negative 

memories safely.

"The best I can be"

A psycho-sensory therapy that is rapid and highly effective for tangible and lasting shifts from few sessions.

Take-Home Self-Practice techniques that are empowering.

Freedom from..

Emotional distress.




Some cases of chronic pain.

Grow your..






Sense of wellbeing.

"Chronic anxiety seems to undergird this pandemic, but an emerging technique does wonders!"

"..Havening – a psychosensory technique that stimulates the delta waves in the brain to rewire and heal"

Karla Hardin, MS LPC. Aug 30, 2020


Freedom to feel well begins here


Let's connect


+64  211 95 4448   | What's App   |   @MoxeyHavening

23 Napier Street, Opunake 4616, South Taranaki   |   

Raglan, Waikato. New Zealand

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